Binghamton University Art & Design

May 9, 2019

Project 3: FLOAT

I created a website called FLOAT for hot air balloon rides. Hot air balloons are beautiful and allow for breathtaking views and memories to last a life time. I wanted to capture that experience through my page by using imagery that is enticing. I selected my font choice and colors to go nicely with the whole idea of a hot air balloon and the sky.

August 21, 2018

Project 2: Business Cards

I am designing business cards for a hot air balloon comapany, called Float. This company is advertising the colorful and exciting experience of flying a hot air balloon. I used a colorful approach to this business card because hot air balloons are usually made up of bright colors. In one of the business cards, I designed a champaigne bottle to represent the tradition that happens one you land after flying the hot air balloon. The other designs that I created are colorful circles that make up a hot air balloon shape. I chose Thasadith and Open Sans Condensed as my fonts. I thought these fonts were appropriate because they are thin and sleak which goes well with the theme of the whole design.

Click HERE to be directed to the style guide.

August 21, 2018

Project 1: Poster Design

Recreating a poster for a superhero club. I redesigned this poster by using pops of color and silhouttes to give the poster a clear and defined meaning.